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About Us

OYO (OnYourOwn) is a young company born from the idea of an inveterate (Roman) traveler passionate about food, fun and culture. OYO family involves dozens of international and heterogeneous collaborators: archaeologists, art historians, engineers, graphic designers, software developers, translators, speakers, sound engineers, recording directors, photographers, journalists, communications experts, etc. brought together by the extraordinary knowledge of the area and the desire to share their experiences.


We facilitate your travel autonomy, so that you needn’t the usual organized tours or the outdated guidebook. We rely on technology to help you make the most of your time. In particular:

  • listening compelling audio guides (detailed but not boring) that drive you to discover the local culture;
  • following aplan tailored to your preferences (with more than 40,000 possible combinations);
  • displaying aversatile map that allows you to filter the points corresponding to your interests;
  • identifying restaurants to suit your taste and your budget;
  • enjoying reliable and consistent information.

Rome OnYourOwn it is the first step of an adventure we hope to spread soon to other cities.