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Privacy policy

Privacy policy of

This Application collects certain kinds of information on its Users.

Owner of the Data Processing
OYO srl, Via R.R.Pereira 78, 00136 Rome,

Kinds of information collected
Among the information collected by this Application, autonomously or via third parties, you may find: e-mail address, Name, Cookie and usage data.

The Personal Data may be voluntarily added by the User or collected automatically during the use of the Products.
The possible use of Cookies – or other tracking tools – from this Application or the owner of the Third-party services used by this Application, when not specified otherwise, is meant to identify the User and register their preferences for purposes closely linked to the provision of the service requested by the User.
The Data of the User are collected to allow OYO to provide its services, and may be as follows: Access to the accounts on Third-party services, Contacting the User, Sending messages, Interacting on social network and external platforms, commercial Affiliation, Commenting on the contents, managing the RSS feed and Statistics.

Not provide some Personal Data may prevent this Application from providing its services.

The User takes responsibility for the Personal Data of third parties published or shared via this Application and ensures the right to communicate or circulate the data, releasing OYO of any responsibility towards third parties.

Procedures for data processing
OYO uses the User’s personal data to manage its Products from a technical point of view, to manage clients, for polls on products, and for marketing purposes only to the extent strictly necessary. The possible personal data transmission to State institutions and authorities may only occur as a consequence of binding provisions in national laws. Our collaborators, the agencies and the retailers are bound by confidentiality.

The owner processes Personal Data of the User using the appropriate security measures to prevent un-authorized access, disclosure, amendment or destruction of Personal Data.
In some cases, categories of representatives involved in the organization of the Products (system administrators, lawyers, marketing, commercial, administrative staff) that is, to be precise, external subjects (such as technical service suppliers, postal workers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) who may be named Responsible for Processing by the Owner may gave access to Personal Data.

Data is processed for the time necessary to carry out the service requested by the User, or requested for purposes described in this document, and the User may ask to interrupt the process or erase data at any time.

Information not included in this policy
More information on Personal Data processing may be requested at any time to OYO using the contact information.

Right of access and rectification
Users have the right to obtain confirmation by OYO at any time of the existence of data, to know its contents, to verify its accuracy or request its integration, deletion, update, correction, transformation into anonymity or the bloc of personal data processed in infringement of the law, as well as opposing to the processing in any case for legitimate reasons.

This Application does not support “Do Not Track” requests. To know if possible Third Parties used support them, look in their privacy policy.

Amendments to this privacy policy
OYO reserves the right to amend the present Privacy Policy at any time, informing the User through a publication on the website of OYO.

In case the User does not agree with the amendments, the User will be requested to no longer user this Application. Unless otherwise specified, the previous Privacy Policy will continue to apply to Personal Data collected before the changes were made.

System log and maintenance
This Application and possible third-party services used by the Application may collect system logs, or rather files that record interactions and may also contain personal data such as the IP address of the User for purposes linked to the functioning and maintenance of the Application.

OYO uses cookies to record the preferences of the User. This allows a smoother use of the Products and to adapt the contents to the needs of the User. For example, cookies allow access without typing one’s own username and password each time one logs in.

For more information on the use of cookies, refer to the browser instructions. Choosing not to accept cookies may limit the tasks performed by the Products of OYO.

Legal references
Notice to European Users: the present privacy policy disclosure was drafted under the obligations included in the Article 10 of the Directive n. 95/46/CE, as well as the Directive 2002/58/CE, as updated by the Directive 2009/136/CE, on Cookies.

Facebook permission requested by this Application
This Application may request Facebook permission allowing it to carry out actions with the Facebook account of the User and to collect information from it, personal data included.

For more information on the following permissions, refer to the documentation on Facebook permissions and to the privacy policy of Facebook.

The permissions requested are the following:

Basic information
The basic information of the Facebook User, which usually includes the following: ID, name, image, gender, language, location and in some cases the Facebook “Friends”. If the User has made other data public, it will be available.

Access to private data
Allows access to private data of the User and friends

Access to Friends lists
Gives access to the Friends lists made by the User.

Status updates
Updates the status of the User.

Load pictures
Add or edit pictures.

Load videos
Allows the app to add or edit videos of the User.

Current city
Allows access to the city indicated on the User’s profile.

Current city of Friends
Allows access to the cities where Friends live.

Allows access to the Education section on the User’s profile.

Education of Friends
Allows access to Friends’ Education information.

Group management
Allows the application to manage the User’s groups.

Gives access to the list of groups of which the User is a member.

Groups of Friends
Gives access to the list of groups of which the Friends of the User are members.

Gives access to the list of interests of the User.

Interests of Friends
Gives access to the list of interests of the Friends of the User.

Send notifications
Allows the app to send notifications

List of Friends

Gives access to the list of all the pages the User likes.

Friends’ Likes
Gives access to the list of pages the Friends of the User like.

Post Like on Wall
Posts to wall stories that the User likes.

Post on Timeline
Allows this app to publish contents, comments and Likes on the timelines of the User and their friends.

Gives access to the videos that the User uploaded and the ones where the User was tagged.

Videos of Friends
Gives access to the videos that the Friends of the User have uploaded and the ones where they were tagged.